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Starting school and candy cone festival

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We offer around 60 themes based on well-known stars from TV and cinema as well as our own designs.
We can produce cones in the following sizes (approximate height without closure):

  •   12 cm
  •   22 cm
  •   35 cm
  •   50 cm
  •   70 cm
  •   85 cm
  • 100 cm

The 70 cm school cones are especially popular in the western German states, whereas the angular 85 cm school cones are more prevalent in eastern Germany. This difference is a result of local traditions and persists to this day.

We have a selection of different closure materials in a variety of colours.
Our product range includes:

  • Felt
  • Tulle
  • Organza
  • Crepe.

Our tip: School cones in the 35 cm size are often given as presents to the brothers and sisters of children starting school.

In addition to our standard product range, we can also manufacture products to the individual designs of agencies or companies! You can find more details here.


Production quantity

Each year the Nestler company manufactures about 2 million school cones, from the tiny 12 cm cones to the one metre cone.


Production site

Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony



We cannot divulge all the secrets of our manufacturing processes here …
All the production stages have been developed and optimised by Nestler. Years of experience and tradition come into play here.

A majority of the production work is done by hand, but machines do play a supporting role.


A quick overview of our production methods

  1. Design creation by our designers
  2. Printing of the sheets
  3. Rolling of the card into a cone shape
  4. Attachment of borders and closure materials
  5. Packing for despatch



If you would be interested in arranging a guided tour of our factory for the children in your kindergarten, please feel free to contact us: +49 37341 18910.