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Starting school and candy cone festival

Schultüten or „school cones“

What would a child’s first day at school be like without a cardboard cone filled to the brim with sweets and little gifts? Long before the Big Day, children are curious about the contents and of course about the cone itself. The theme is very important to the children because children going to school for the first time are really conscious of the latest trends! These little ones know and idolise film and TV stars.
If they are not so interested in films or TV series they will love horses, cats, dinosaurs or cars. Our product range includes all of these. The school cones are manufactured at the Nestler factory in Ehrenfriedersdorf in the Erzgebirge.

Would you be interested in having one made to your own individual design, incorporating a theme for your company or customer? You can obtain information about that here.

School cone craft sets

In addition to supplying pre-printed school cones we would also like to encourage parents and children to make their own cones together. We therefore supply blank cardboard cones as well as colourful base cones so that you can use your creativity to design your own unique school cones.

Children and adults who would like to make their own school cone using a prepared template but do not wish to dispense entirely with their own creativity can use our craft sets to conjure up their own unique school cones. With these sets you can create your own truly individual school cone. Nestler gives handicrafts lovers some suggestions for the designs – then it is up to the crafters to decide on the final realisation of the cones. You can either use the materials and templates supplied or just give free reign to your own fantasy.


Blank corrugated cardboard cones, templates with various themes, printed sheets with colourful themes to cut out, paper board blanks in various colours, crepe paper, ribbon closures, handicraft instructions, etc.

Homework exercise books

With pictures of current stars from TV and cinema and creative designs on our school homework exercise books children can always keep up with the latest fashion! An additional transparent cover provides extra protection. The unique presentation for each subject studied means that you will not have to keep adding new exercise books. The exercise books are manufactured in Germany.


Greetings cards

Unique designs decorate these high quality, made-in-Germany greetings cards to celebrate your child’s first day at school. The most popular Disney characters wish children all the best on this very special day. The insides of these folding cards are also colourfully printed and are ideal for writing personal messages. An envelope for mailing is of course included.



Nestler is your contact partner for your child’s first day at school! From place cards and stickers to confetti and garlands, we provide decorations for your child’s first day at school and onwards. We also have a wide range of ribbons and rosettes that can be used as an attractive means of closing school cones.