produkte-schule-3Everything you need for your child’s first day at school

We are your partner for your child’s first day at school! In addition to the familiar school cones we provide lots of other items to celebrate the milestone of your child’s first day at school:

School cones (candy cones)

School cone craft sets

Homework exercise books

Greetings cards








produkte-osternEaster eggs for the Easter Bunny – from Nestler!

We produce the familiar and traditional fillable Easter eggs which many people hunted for as children. Here you can view a selection of our Easter eggs, available in various sizes and featuring numerous Spring and Easter themes. Colourful Easter baskets and Easter grass are naturally included.

Original gift ideas which are not just for Easter: hearts – which are also fillable!










Fillable Christmas and gift balls

These decorative balls are the ideal gift idea. You can fill them with your own personal little gifts. Thanks to the attached loop threads, you can use these balls as a unique tree decoration.

Give free reign to your fantasy and creativity!