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Product versions

We have about 20 Easter egg series in our range. This represents approximately 80 different themes.
Since first producing Easter eggs we have now collected about 800 different themes.

We produce Easter eggs in the following sizes:

  •   9 cm
  • 12 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 18 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 35 cm

In addition to our standard product range, we can also manufacture products to the individual designs of agencies or companies! You can find more details here.

Production quantity

Nester manufactures about one million Easter eggs per year. Our Easter eggs are well known across Germany and in many countries in Europe and North America.

About 70% of our production is for export.

Production site

Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony


It requires special expertise to manufacture an Easter egg. This expertise has been developed by the Nestler company for many years. The manufacturing process consists of about 12 stages which are, however, guarded and kept secret like a family treasure.

People are impressed by the premium quality and the traditional and modern designs of our Easter eggs.