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Fillable Easter eggs

Everyone in Germany knows these!

Most people in Germany remember receiving cardboard Easter eggs filled with sweets when they were children. The eggs were always printed with Easter themes like bunnies and chicks. These original and yet at the same time traditional festive items, which were the objects of Easter hunts for little children, have undergone constant development over the years.
In addition to the traditional nostalgic themes associated with Easter we have also come up with some modern ones for you. These ornamental items can also be used as springtime decorations. The production process was developed in-house in the Nestler factory and today we are still the only manufacturer in Germany.

Easter baskets and accessories

The Easter decorations will certainly also need a proper little nest. We therefore have a wide selection of Easter baskets in many different shapes and sizes.
Our Easter grass is also an essential accessory so that the Easter eggs can rest snugly in the nest. You can get all of these things from us.