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Christmas balls and gift balls

Product versions

There are about 20 themes in our product range. As with our Easter products, nostalgic themes are particularly popular. But we can also offer our customers fresh, modern designs. We currently offer these products in two sizes: 8 cm and 10 cm.

In addition to our standard product range, we can also manufacture products to the individual designs of agencies or companies! You can find more details here.

Production quantity

We produce around 100,000 items per year. We can deliver these small ornaments as far afield as the USA.

Production site

Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony


The manufacturing process is similar to that used for our Easter eggs. Here too the special manufacturing process is a closely guarded family secret containing a lot of technical expertise. That is precisely what makes our products so prestigious and unique. Our designs are created in-house at Nestler GmbH and they are printed at a nearby printing press. We then carry out the final processing ourselves.