About us

The development of our company


The origins of our company and its rich tradition go right back to the year 1894 when a fine cardboard products factory was founded in the small village of Wiesa in the Erzgebirge. The first cardboard school cones and Easter eggs were designed and produced here. In 1936 the grandfather of current Managing Director Ursula Nestler founded a wire processing business. Her father then merged the two businesses in 1953. From that date onwards both wire and fine cardboard products were manufactured under the same roof. Following the forced nationalisation in 1972, the company continued as a state-owned enterprise until it was returned to the ownership of the Nestler family in 1990. In 1994 the wire processing division was transferred to newly-acquired premises in Ehrenfriedersdorf under the management of Andreas Nestler, Ursula Nestler’s brother.

In 1997 the company began to invest in a new site for both fine cardboard production and the administration of the entire business. The full move from the more than 110-year-old original site in Wiesa to the new industrial area next to the B95 in Ehrenfriedersdorf was finally completed in April 1998. The new production building provides state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing technology and logistics for the „Feinkartonagen“ [fine cardboard products] division. In June 2005 the Nestler company celebrated its 111-year-old history with a ceremony that was attended by representatives from the realms of politics and business. Since 2007 Nestler GmbH Feinkartonagen and Nestler GmbH Drahterzeugnisse [wire products] have been run as two separate companies.


Economic significance

Since 1994 Nestler GmbH has been Germany’s sole manufacturer of cardboard Easter eggs. Under the motto „Nestler… always 1st class!“ the Nestler company sets the dominant trends in school cones. With a workforce of around 70 people Nestler GmbH is an important employer in the economically weak Ore Mountains region.

The „Made in Germany“ and „Hergestellt im Erzgebirge“ [Made in the Erzgebirge] labels are marks of quality for the items produced in our factory. Just as importantly this means that the company is able to respond quickly to the increasing demand for its products from customers all over the world. In 2013 the company sold around 2 million school cones.